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Diary Of A Mad White Woman

The life and times of Emily

8 December 1983
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Well I'm a recently separated, 23 year old, working mother of a 3 year old little girl. I not only work, but I go to school full time too. Reading fan fiction is my escape. I can't write, or manip, but I live through all of YOU talented people out there in fandom. I ship Spuffy and Spawn. I'm basically into Het...not into anything Xander at all. I could go for some Spangel. I like darker fics, but I also get in the mood to read romances. I'm looking for unique story lines and a shorter read. My ADD only allowes me to enjoy a fic that is 20 chaps or less...unless you are hollydb, onlypassenger, thatotherperv, callipso...or some other ones that I really enjoy...can't think of them off hand. I really the Spike and Spuffy manips by tamakin and sueworld2003.

Fandom has been really good to me. I've gotten the pleasure of meeting some really cool people. HUGS to you all!